I was stressed out with the start of the new year - audition season was revving up, the spring semester was about to begin, work seemed to be taking over my life, and my childhood dog had recently passed.

After Laura left and on into the next day, I recognized the impact of that single healing session. I felt very peaceful, as if I had done hours of meditation or taken a much-needed nap. All of the external stresses were still there, but suddenly all of it felt less heavy, less powerful over me. I was simultaneously grounded and light at the same time.
— Mary/ Dancer and Writer/ Crystal Healing session
From the minute Laura walks in the room, you are put at ease. She has a calming and kind energy that is immediately noticeable. As someone unfamiliar with this type of healing, I felt completely taken care of and safe the entire time. I really appreciated her taking the time to listen to me and then cater the session to my own needs. I left our session feeling like my body and my mind were lighter.
— Hannah/ Comedian/ Access Bars session
Even though I had already had reiki treatment before I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Laura. I was curious about how she involved her knowledge of crystals into the treatment and excited to experience something new. Right at the beginning of the session I realized quickly she doesn’t only know crystals, but she loves them. I got the feeling she really appreciates them as gifts from the earth in there beauty, energy and well, just as cool rocks! I chose three separate stones out of her collection and she explained their properties before placing them at certain areas of treatment. My hands, my heart, the base of my feet.
Laura’s hands on reiki work is gentle but powerful. The joints of my body stayed warm long after the session was over and I felt, not only physical relief from some of my more stubborn pains but spiritual as well. The session was incredibly relaxing, peaceful and really helped me to feel centered and focused.
— Jenny/ Artist and Communications Manager/ Crystal Healing session
For someone new and curious about different kinds of healing, Laura is both informative and comforting in the way she explains the work she does and allowing you to completely let go. The way she holds space and brings you into it provides the ease, comfort, and openness needed to provide all the benefits of her practice
— Sarah/ Social Worker/ Crystal Healing session
Today I did a session with Laura and it was incredible- like the best parts of massage and yoga. Put me in a great head space for my audition.
— Daria/ Actress/ Healing For Performers session
The access bars treatment was incredibly soothing and relaxing. Laura walked me through the whole process from the start and made me feel very much at ease. It made me very aware of where I was carrying tension in my body and mindful of my breath and digestion. The feeling of relaxation in my body persisted long after the session had ended.
— Courtney/ Management Consulter/ Access Bars session